Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Wall Covered In Rhino Skulls

I am finally finished painting all my Rhino/Razorbacks! I am SO glad I will never have to work with a Forge World rhino door ever again. You would think they never size these things before creating molds for them; awesome detail? check, interesting/obscure design? check, fits right onto the model it's meant for? well....

I worked in a different stripe design for each Rhino Hatch. The barber pole stripes look pretty good and they catch the eye well. If you look at all my work I have done you can see a healthy dose of assymetry to my pieces. It's an aesthetic choice. I think that the lack of consistency in design makes an observer peruse the whole piece and find all the differences, thereby they really study and appreciate the work you put in.

Guess what I'm doing next?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Last Dreadnought

Thar she blows, gents! The last dreadnought I have to paint for my IF force. This one took me only about a week, going quite well with my plan to finish this army by the end of may. Ambitious aren't I?
I've made his arms interchangeable, because that's just economical. I've dubbed him "Isardi", partially because of a well written Star Wars character who was a cold-hearted b*tch, and partly because it sounds very Gallic.

I actually had to repaint the Mechanicus symbol because I hadn't realized that I had mixed it up and switched it around so the black side was right and the white side was left(which is opposite from my two other dreadnoughts. so I'm compulsive? it would bother me to see the symbols not uniform).

Awww, family picture time! From left to right- Malatesta the Ironclad Dreadnought, Isardi the multi-purpose Dreadnought, and Cataphract the Mortis pattern Dreadnought. I can't wait to toss these guys onto the battle field!, next, next....hmmm. Maybe my last Razorback? I still have a tac squad and a half dev squad to do, plus my predator and Lysander...