Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hitting the wall

Well I've run into an obstacle while composing my Fists; I've gotten frustrated and tired. So tired that I have delayed and delayed my friends request to paint his Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnought. Even claiming victory in Marchs' Painting Competition yesterday hasn't kicked my butt into gear. I've gotten this way every once in a while. How does everyone else deal with this slump? I think that after I finish the dreadnought I might take a 2 week break.

It's a hazard that faces people whom choose to specialize in painting a certain restricted paint scheme, you get bored!

I'm excited to see the Blood Angels Codex at my FLGS. The big draw for me was the new minis for the Angels, particularly the Sanguinor and Lemartes reboot.

I have always felt the old lemartes model looked goofy as hell. The redesign is far more subtle, and frankly, beautiful!

Sanguinor? Thank you, Games Workshop. Thank You.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Imperial Fist Squad Robs Bank!

Another Tactical Squad hits the table! These guys were quite a job...they seem to take forever! I guess that's all part and parcel of being a painting masochist. All credit goes to Wil Davies across the pond in England, his beautiful techniques for painting yellow make my boys shine! Bling, bling! Oh yeah, I went there.
These are some alternate poses I worked out with my models.

Here's a flamer wielder True Grittin' his fire spitter, getting ready to share a grenade with some close friends. Sharing is caring!

This is a beaky reloading his bolter. Easy enough conversion, I just cut off the magazine of a bolter and placed it in the open hand of a standard marine.

Funk dat. This yellow fellow has adopted the wisdom of that old adage "Only a heretic would bring a knife to a boltgun fight." Well, ok, it's not an old adage. And that's not an accurate qoute of the real deal. But you get the point. This guys battle-plan consists of two parts; shoot-shoot-shoot, stabby-stab-stab. Simple, elegant, violent. Just like all the best plans.

This is the sergeants leg, in close up detail. In the lower left hand box is his company/squad designation, above is a laurel of valor. Tucked into the upper right is a small tactical squad symbol. Since he didn't have a kneecap to paint on, I opted to paint half of his lower leg in panoply. See other photos for a detail on the kneecap squad designation.

Like this one here! I only included this detailing on the left leg of the squad members. I like assymetry on my miniatures, they appear alot more dynamic that way.

The rear of the right shoulder pad, company designation.

Front side, squad designation.

Please note the free-handed aquila on the side of his helmet. I like to think of the Fists as having lots of ex-gangers. And if there is one thing gangers love, it's tattoos!

I grabbed a Cadian head off the Cadian Command squad sprue for a more characterful face for my sergeant. I hit him with some LOVELY bleach blond hair. I tend to like it alot more than the standard fare of "bald guy with scowl."

Did my best here to give my heavy weapons operator an ace marking over his eye, maybe you can tell, maybe you can't, but I did my best!