Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The thunder has been broughten!

Hey fellas! After another loooooong hiatus, I've picked up the old brush again and once more started slaving at my Imperial Fists. For the more astute readers, maybe you've heard of my old Fist army I sold got into the hands of the owner of Battle Foam and now holds a hallowed place of honor in a display case in the American southwest. They've also been mentioned on 40k radio and referenced as "the mustard marines". Hmmph. How undignified.

I'm continuing my newer paint scheme of yellow which stays truer to the old character of my stalwart Imperium defenders. I've also worked on my "counts as" list, switching from an all terminator Loganwing army, to a more conservative DA deathwing setup. I'm including several LR's and a Dreadnought. Nothing fancy.

Since picking up a second job for the holidays I've also come into the proverbial clams, and plan to bring more inventory into the collection. It has become truly staggering in it's breadth and size.

Please stay tuned for more posts forthwith, and the juicy pics therein!