Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Imperial Fist Thunderfire Cannon and Titan preview

Well, in my last post I kinda came down on GW for not making a TF cannon with good meeting seams on the barrel...well I was wrong. When I put the stabilisers on the barrel, the seams completely disappear. Sorry GW, my bad.

This model was one of my favorite to ever paint; Techmarines are one of my all time favorite sculpts. The models that are considered your typical TM(the one that come with the servitors) have so much going on on there model, but it doesn't look busy. They look like some crazy eccentric mechanical marine. Which is pretty representative.
I only painted the helmet, right shoulder pad and the arms of the servo arms in a Mars red color. I went with mechrite red, put some badab black in any shadowy areas, and did some subtle highlighting with a 50/50 mechrite red/blood red.

I love this damned cannon. Weep in fear horde players!!

Here we go. Mars pattern Titan from my pal Nick(see past posts with Space Wolves projects). My pal Zach started painting it for him and never finished. Can you friggin' well say dust? YES. I'm torn between taking all the paint off and just finishing what Zach started. On another issue with this monstrous project....I have to assemble it. I'm not really looking forward to it. But I am the modelling masochist, so I had better get on it.

Interior detail.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fight the Power

Well, here's my latest attempt to resist building upon my IF force....failure. I finished this LR just the other day. It's got a bit more white on it than I had originally planned on, but I feel it's an excellent contrast to the yellow and the black.

I kinda went decal crazy with this piece, but you can only build so many of these beasts in your life and this one's mine. I liked the thunderbolt decal so much that the next LR I produce will have a huge thunderbolt going across the entirety of the chassis.

What your staring at in possible puzzlement is the front of a thunderfire cannons' business end. I am currently not pleased with GW, as this paperweight is so poorly moulded that the ends don't match even after I spent half a day trying to reshape it. Frustration.

In other news, my lord and master has assigned me yet another task, this one of "Titan"ic proportions! Get it?! It's a pun and a teaser all in one!! God I'm exhausted. Yellow Paint, out!