Friday, December 10, 2010

Fight the Power

Well, here's my latest attempt to resist building upon my IF force....failure. I finished this LR just the other day. It's got a bit more white on it than I had originally planned on, but I feel it's an excellent contrast to the yellow and the black.

I kinda went decal crazy with this piece, but you can only build so many of these beasts in your life and this one's mine. I liked the thunderbolt decal so much that the next LR I produce will have a huge thunderbolt going across the entirety of the chassis.

What your staring at in possible puzzlement is the front of a thunderfire cannons' business end. I am currently not pleased with GW, as this paperweight is so poorly moulded that the ends don't match even after I spent half a day trying to reshape it. Frustration.

In other news, my lord and master has assigned me yet another task, this one of "Titan"ic proportions! Get it?! It's a pun and a teaser all in one!! God I'm exhausted. Yellow Paint, out!

1 comment:

  1. I always enjoy these yellow masterpieces. They inspire me to try yellow, which I will when I get done with my red phase. Thanks!