Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Give us the tools, and we will finish the job." Winston Churchill

It's done. I have at last finished my Imperial Fists army. All 2000 pts of it. Here stands Lysander, exemplar of the Imperial Fists. I used lots of scab red as that's the deepest red I could find. Nearing the end of his construction, his cape was missing something. I decided to free hand a bit of ornamentation onto the interior of his cape, and it really carried the piece.
This is a close up of his massive shield. Came out really clean.

I freehanded a Fists emblem on his right shoulder. Here's also a good view of the base. I didn't want to go bananas on his base, just a good solid sand base. This was my first ever metal piece, I was most concerned about pigment rubbing off due to over-handling, but he performed like a champ!


  1. Awesome job and congratulations.

  2. Awesome job man. Just wondering with the metal model, did you give it a good wash with soap and water or simple green? If so the paint becomes much more resilient after the mold release agent is washed off. Either way a light seal with matte sealer at the end fixes the problem :).

    When can I expect to play a game against the army?

  3. Awesome work! Your fists army has been an inspiration since I first discovered your blog and I cant wait to see a full army shot!

  4. I saw the army all together on Wednesday and even got a game in against it. I must say, Lysander's sand basing was very appropriate.. Much of the fighting he was involved with was a day at the beach for him.