Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Imperial Fist Rhino, On The Rampage!

Here's my second Rhino for my Imperial Fists. The yellow came out WAY better than my last Rhino, and I fixed the problem with the strange film that accumulated on my last by adding less detergent to the ink mix(the detergent helps break the surface tension so I don't get pooling).
The yellow was the legendary discontinued Citadel yellow ink. I also changed the paint scheme for the Fist emblem to just a straight Chaos Black with built up Skull White highlights.

I made all the hatches and the weapon turret interchangeable with a generic top hatch so I could economize on use, the Razorback transforms into a Rhino! Waste not, want not!
Here's one of the Forge World hatches I got months and months ago, immortalized on this here Razorback. My last paintjob on a Razorback had the hatch itself as black, the ring in red, and the fist in black. I much prefer this rendition, it's brighter and it follows the actual color scheme of the real Fist emblem.
And because I've always thought it's good to get a hot chick to model your work, this is my niece Faith! What a cute kid!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dark Angels Players Are Laughing At Us

This right here is the "contents" of the Ravenwing Battleforce Box (retail 90$ US). The 6 bikes even out the price, individually selling for 45$ per 3 biker box. Then you get a landspeeder, 35$, and an attack bike, 25$! That alone would make this kit a valuable resource for folks making a Ravenwing force, White Scars, or a counts-as Korsarro Khan flanker force. The real killer is the large 10"x 8" sprue FULL of Dark Angels army upgrades! 3 OF THEM! They've got x2 big assault cannons, multiple swordarms(hello conversions), and some very different looking heads, in amongst the DA only pieces(hooded angel icons, winged swords and etc.).

My point being is that you can never be certain where you might find value when you deal with Citadel. The battleforces have always been hit and miss in particular. The lovely IG battalion used to come with a Leman it comes with the underwhelming sentinel. The 'Nids got a bit screwed for their value with their new launch cutting the number and quality in their Battalion box. And the inclusion of certain units can be baffling; why must we always have scouts pushed on us in every Battalion box of Space Marines? My best suggestion for anyone just starting out with Space Marines(or Orks)----> Assault on BlackReach.

I love AoBR. LOVE IT. The models are excellent, there are tons of them, and the rules book, the green templates, and the subtley violence-promoting "whippy-sticks"(we have all hit each other with them. few have not tasted the Wrath of the Whippy-stick) make for an awesome set. This is a product that demands it's purchasing by all. Even if you play as neither Orks or Space Marines, you can keep the books and the tools and then trade or sell the models! I gave my pal the orks from my box 'cause I owed him a favor.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Modelling Commandments

They said it couldn't be done, but as everyone knows, through the Lord and the appropriate application of military arms, anything is possible! Roll that beautiful bean footage!


Every once in a while you can feel yourself getting bogged down by creating too much work for yourself. Everyone takes vacations from their jobs, and if you have painted yourself into a corner with the hobby.....take a break!

It's important for all of us to come up for air on occasion. If you spend too much time on a single project it can become tedious, and that lack of enthusiasm will spread throughout your work likea virus. Why bother finishing that last bit of highlighting on your sergeant? You're the only one whom may notice! And forget about that gap filler on your latest vehicle project, it looks good even with that gap. Taking a break frees up your mind and allows you to roam free.

I've taken the past week off, myself. I haven't picked up a paint brush or anything. It has reenergised me and made me itch to start painting again! I even managed to work out why I haven't been so motivated lately; my space marines lack the dynamic poses that I love so much. So what does that mean? Well, when I start my last tactical squad I plan to incorporate lots of modding for each figure. I even intend to make the bases themselves much less bland than the typical "walnut shavings covered in PVA and sand". I'm expanding the armies look to make it appear as though this next squad has advanced into a desert village, and the scenery will have them reacting in tons of interesting and compelling poses. I have already made mock-ups on paper, and this next step promises to be rad!