Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Imperial Fist Rhino, On The Rampage!

Here's my second Rhino for my Imperial Fists. The yellow came out WAY better than my last Rhino, and I fixed the problem with the strange film that accumulated on my last by adding less detergent to the ink mix(the detergent helps break the surface tension so I don't get pooling).
The yellow was the legendary discontinued Citadel yellow ink. I also changed the paint scheme for the Fist emblem to just a straight Chaos Black with built up Skull White highlights.

I made all the hatches and the weapon turret interchangeable with a generic top hatch so I could economize on use, the Razorback transforms into a Rhino! Waste not, want not!
Here's one of the Forge World hatches I got months and months ago, immortalized on this here Razorback. My last paintjob on a Razorback had the hatch itself as black, the ring in red, and the fist in black. I much prefer this rendition, it's brighter and it follows the actual color scheme of the real Fist emblem.
And because I've always thought it's good to get a hot chick to model your work, this is my niece Faith! What a cute kid!


  1. That looks awesome. I could only begin to wish for that color. Well done!

    (speaking of yellow ink, tried the ink that P3 has?)

  2. @ Flekkzo- I'm eventually going to have to find a replacement for the citadel yellow ink. I'm not looking forward to that day.

    @ JRV- thanks man, I really like to get such good feedback from the community, you guys help me stay motivated!

  3. That is definitely a rich color yellow. I can see why you like it. I really like how these stand out. I don't have a SM army, but if I did I think I'd step away from the drab colors and do something like this.

  4. Thanks Kev, but I can't take credit for the recipe for this yellow, that belongs to wil davies at chaos bunny studios