Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Modelling Commandments

Well, it's almost a new year, and to kick it off I have something new I was thinking about the other day; a list of Modelling Commandments I live by and wanted to share with the rest of FtW. I envy the weekly Rogue Trader Fridays(never miss a post!), and Ron's Top Ten List every Tuesday. So I suppose I'll break up the established tedium of midweek with this pushy bit of prose. My first Commandment?
Thou shalt not throw anything away!(lightning strike)
Much to my wifes' dismay, I never easily relinquish what some may consider 'trash'. Her constant inquiries into my need for percieved refuse is met with a hasty "Don't chuck it!". I'm not talking about sprue frames and such like(not trash), I'm talking about excised pieces of limbs I didn't quite use in a conversion. Who knows what use I may find for the right half shoulder of an Empire Handgunner?
In all seriousness, a hobbyist whom sees the value in the entire kit his model comes in is a richer man. Sprues can easily become rublle for a base, or more cunningly, a framework for a large model built from scratch! That beautiful box your Carnifex came in? Model priming tray! And would you seriously consider yourself a man if you tossed away any left over on-sprue bits? I've killed men for less!
This philosophy extends to everyday items that can be turned by a clever hobbyist into just plain old darn handy tools! Jars are a cinch for storage of tools and brushes; used up credit cards and gift cards are a brilliant plastic-card; old cd's broken up create dynamic basing materials! I put it to you, if it can't be used as a basing material, why own it?! Even old soda bottles can make great water cups when cut in half, way to go Macgyver!
Thanks for tuning into this first weekly post of Modelling Commandments at I Love Yellow Paint! Go forth and model my children! Hey, who thinks I might go to Hell over erasing the Commandments off the photo of Chuck Heston/Moses? I could have really garunteed myself a Hot Seat if I had put a gun in his hand. Oh well, next week!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Captain Darnath Lysander

Tactical Squad x3 squads
-x5 extra SM , lascannon , powerfist , flamer, razorback with a twin-linked lascannon

Ironclad Dreadnought
-heavy flamer “Malatesta”
-twin-linked autocannon L arm, twin-linked autocannon R arm “Cataphractus”
-twin-linked lascannon “Arturius”

Devastator squad
-x4 lascannons
Devastator Squad
-x4 heavy bolters
Predator Tank
-twin-linked lascannon , lascannon sponsons “Vitruvius”
This is my army list for the Fists. I picked this force with the intention of turtling it shamelessly. I realized that one of the things that Space Marines do is deal with abuse. People don't fear a basic save roll of 3+ for nothing. Of course, the defensive lean doesn't take away from the Imperial Fists general strategy anyway, that being masters of fortifications.
Lysander was a natch for my HQ, as he is a monster. He gives all the yellow boys stubborn, and his bolter drill rule may seem useless, I think of it as a tactical challenge. It would seem natural to throw him into a squad of termies wielding storm bolters, but imagine the hilarity of unleashing 12 re-rollable hits from a fully equipped devastator squad wielding heavy bolters. See where I'm going with this?
The tac squads all have razorbacks with dual buttercannons. I will split up the squads into purpose built detachments, half taking the lascannon and plinking tanks, the other half rolling out in the razorback with the powerfist and flamer to raise merry hell with big monsters, IC's, etc..
The lascannon devs are pure antiarmor, simple. The heavy bolters are anti-infantry power-washers, hopefully doubling their efficacy with Lysander ram-rodding the unit. Predator is fairly obvious too.
The 'noughts are where things get interesting. See, the idea with this army isn't just "Hammer 'em from afar.", it's "Hammer 'em from afar and then OMYGODSTOPHITTINGMEWITHTHESEISMICHAMMER!!" See what I mean? Reel them in with the threat of firepower and then pound them to greasy spots using the anvil of my dreadnoughts(not the Mortis dread, he'll be too busy blowing things away).
Hey, if this strategem doesn't work, well, at least they will look good losing. Peace!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mortis Pattern Dreadnought. Autocannons akimbo!

Well, some doubted, some hated, but Mortis pattern dreadnought cares not! This is actually an Attack on Black Reach dread with Forge World autocannon hate-throwers. I went really simple, nothing fancy. The metallic portions were the biggest example; just boltgun metal washed with badab black. It dulled down the metallic so the focus is really on the yellow. This bad boys name is "Cataphractus", a nod to the fact that he shoots....alot.

Note; yellow effect was created using Wil Davies yellow techniques! Check him out at! Really rad minis!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I was just thinking to myself while scanning a ton of photos into my compy, "Gee, this is tedious. And boring. You know what else is tedious? Painting that yellow onto Imperial Fists. Hell, I bet if Imperial Fists were real, they would use painting yellow as a masochistic ritual instead of The PainGloveohmygodepiphany!!!" That's right. Yellow paint plus agony plus Games Workshop equals Imperial Fists. The Imperial Fists use the mythical Painglove to shrive a candidate/repentant Space Marines' response to pain. The bizarre confluence can mean only one thing; GW is using the Imperial Fists as a eugenics project to weed the inferior and weak from the strong in the hobby community! Fellow IF enthusiasts!! We are the future, rise up and throw off your chains of the oppressive multicolor pallette! YELLOW PAINT SHALL RULE ALL! CROCUS SCEPTRUM LOCUS!!