Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mortis Pattern Dreadnought. Autocannons akimbo!

Well, some doubted, some hated, but Mortis pattern dreadnought cares not! This is actually an Attack on Black Reach dread with Forge World autocannon hate-throwers. I went really simple, nothing fancy. The metallic portions were the biggest example; just boltgun metal washed with badab black. It dulled down the metallic so the focus is really on the yellow. This bad boys name is "Cataphractus", a nod to the fact that he shoots....alot.

Note; yellow effect was created using Wil Davies yellow techniques! Check him out at cbstudios.com! Really rad minis!


  1. OOoo... Sexy! I love the dual autocannon look.

  2. Nice, but it needs something on the right body plate, maybe a simple fist....