Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I was just thinking to myself while scanning a ton of photos into my compy, "Gee, this is tedious. And boring. You know what else is tedious? Painting that yellow onto Imperial Fists. Hell, I bet if Imperial Fists were real, they would use painting yellow as a masochistic ritual instead of The PainGloveohmygodepiphany!!!" That's right. Yellow paint plus agony plus Games Workshop equals Imperial Fists. The Imperial Fists use the mythical Painglove to shrive a candidate/repentant Space Marines' response to pain. The bizarre confluence can mean only one thing; GW is using the Imperial Fists as a eugenics project to weed the inferior and weak from the strong in the hobby community! Fellow IF enthusiasts!! We are the future, rise up and throw off your chains of the oppressive multicolor pallette! YELLOW PAINT SHALL RULE ALL! CROCUS SCEPTRUM LOCUS!!


  1. I think your painting area needs better ventillation ;)

    An interesting observation, though what does it say about Harlequins?

  2. Or Crimson Fists, we are of the same blood, yet we are absurdly easy to paint....what does that say? And don't say we aren't strong....