Sunday, July 8, 2012

Traitor Gaurd Conversions

These are the Auxiliaries I envisioned for my CSM Death Gaurd army.  Going along with the Nurgle theme, I've made the Traitor Gaurd out of, surprise, a variety of Gaurdsmen, and Beastmen.  I haven't gone all the way with making every TG a goatman, I've incorporated several 'tainted' gaurdsmen, to represent inductees that haven't been transformed  fully by exposure to the toxins and chaos-naughtiness.
 All the wacky spikey handweapons were taken from Empire Flagellants.  I needed something a bit more sadistic than simple weapons provided by most kits.  I've also kept several flagellants arms with the manacles still intact, as the TG will be Penal Legionnaires.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Well, as all good servants of the rotting carcass that squats on the decaying throne of Terra, I have had a revelation and become a convert to Chaos!  Not for me the pointless pursuit of war and bloodshed, nor the chasing of endless pleasure, or even the machinations of fate itself....all bow before the inexorable march of entropy!  All praise Nurgle, and his finest servants; the Death Gaurd!!