Sunday, July 8, 2012

Traitor Gaurd Conversions

These are the Auxiliaries I envisioned for my CSM Death Gaurd army.  Going along with the Nurgle theme, I've made the Traitor Gaurd out of, surprise, a variety of Gaurdsmen, and Beastmen.  I haven't gone all the way with making every TG a goatman, I've incorporated several 'tainted' gaurdsmen, to represent inductees that haven't been transformed  fully by exposure to the toxins and chaos-naughtiness.
 All the wacky spikey handweapons were taken from Empire Flagellants.  I needed something a bit more sadistic than simple weapons provided by most kits.  I've also kept several flagellants arms with the manacles still intact, as the TG will be Penal Legionnaires.

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