Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Road to Baltimore Golden Demon 2010

Games Workshop has announced the date for Gamesday 2010; saturday the 21st of August. My wife(the most loving and generous creature on earth) has made my decade and said we can head on down to Maryland and attend. We have to start saving and getting ready for the trip as we live in Maine, as that's quite a slog for our New Englander sensibilities.
More importantly, I have to start some concept work on my Golden Demon entries. I know I may not stand a chance against the other competitors, but dammit, I'm gonna try! I have to figure out one basic thing; how many categories will I enter? I always planned on only one category....but 9 months is a LOOOOOOOONG time to build models. I have lots of ideas for duels/dioramas...I want to lay brushes onto a large model...and what about something humorous for the open category?
These are very important considerations to be made. Why waste time on a piece you care nothing for? I have always felt I paint better when I have lots of love to put into a figurine, the excitement of working on it fuels my pace. And what about transporting? I can't have a huge awkward piece break in the middle of the trip, I'd probably cry!
So many things will influence my decisions when it comes to selecting the appropriate models to paint, too. I have an aquantaince whom is a GD winner, and he confirmed that it can get a little political, and that some of the competitors can be territorial cliqueish dicks(I intend to bring my own clique, my pals from my FLGS will be attending GamesDay, and my rival, Zach, will be entering with a rather eccentric piece). So much to think about!
Check in routinely for projektlogs and my thoughts on preparing for the run-up to GamesDay 2010!

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  1. This year will be our 3rd GD in Baltimore (fortunately for us GW has spared the closest GD to us Jersey guys.)

    Make sure to let us know which name/models you're submitting so we can be sure to pay extra attention!