Saturday, November 14, 2009

Victory Belongs to the Most Perservering- Napoleon

My FLGS is sponsoring a painting competition today. Guess where your friendly local painter will be today. Oh yeah, that's right.

This will be my first painting competition. Even though it is a small one, in my mind, it's for all the beans. My arch-nemesis, Zach, may be competing with me today. I intend to take the field today and destroy him. No fancy maneuvers, no tricks, just victory.

I always approach any competition in a certain way. I sometimes feel like a blood hungry berzerker, donning my armor, prepping my weapons....packing my paints :) But in all seriousness. I did psych myself out getting ready for this today. It's going to last 4 hours, we don't know the model we will be given, and I'm not certain of how we will be judged. I don't even know who else will be there! I just know I want to show my best skill, and crush them without mercy. So I guess when you have no reliable reconnaisance on a battlefield, confidence can be the only course. I'll report back when I come home tonight!


1 comment:

  1. A true hero will prevail reagrdless of the battlefield he fights on.

    Good luck.