Saturday, November 14, 2009

Should You Fail, Destroy All Evidence

Well, the better artist won today, and that wasn't me. We started the competition at 1pm, 5 competitiors, the pieces were chaos knights. It was very quiet the whole time, only the rough scraping of brush on model breaking the tension. In the end, a gentleman whose name escapes me emerged victorious. His piece was the green knight. I placed about 4th. I was very defeated by my friends Zach and Josh.

I want to mention how well these gentlmen all competed, they created simple yet elegant entries and earned their places as superior painters. The subjects were definitely a challenge, namely the fact that they were essentially two models to paint in 4 hours. None of us had ever really painted them either, which I feel was very fair.

My impressions and feelings; I didn't like losing! There, I said it. I did bitch after the contest, and I was the only one complaining. I always espouse an attitude of "If you do not win, the only way you truly fail is to not learn from the experience". But I felt I had invested alot into this competition and I was defeated. Looking back, I regret my actions after we wrapped and were graded, what with all the sour grapes talk on my part. I will not allow this to color my attitude from now on, and I learned some valuable lessons, especially about some egregious mistakes I made in painting my submission.

Rule #1-(and this should apply to all things in life) Keep it simple stupid! Don't go crazy building a wild-ass design with poorly matched colors.

Rule #2- Metallics are an accent, not a paint scheme. If you have more time for metallics to be taken to a quality extent, go for it. Otherwise, refer to rule #1.

Rule #3- Be efficient. Take the time to be careful on the delicate stuff, but haste is a virtue in timed competition.


  1. Too bad about the loss.
    Love the lessons though, Rule #1 is my favorite.

  2. Good mindset, ultimately. I mean, it's one thing to just take the lessons right off the bat.

    It's perfectly naturally to be annoyed at losing, but if you can ultimately realize what you did and learn from it (including the part about sour grapes) then it's a step in the right direction.

  3. well the flgs will be having speed painting once a month, so i'll redeem myself next time. thanks guys!