Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Convert, Therefore I Am

Ah, my Severites. This is just a bit of a change of pace for me. Prior to Loving Yellow Paint, I Loved Kit-Bashing. These boys you can see here are my home brew Imperial Gaurd regiment, the Severites. They had really low-tech(note the las-locks instead of lasrifles), and had a Baroque sensibility to them. More than that however was the copious amount of kits it took to create a squad of Gaurdsmen. I needed a box of IG Cadian shock troops, two boxes of WHFB Imperial Outriders, a box of WHFB Handgunners, and ta-da! Severites!

I put a lot of love into these guys, but they have been the victims of financial and sane constrictures; I'm not rich and I'm not crazy.

To your direct left you can see a Severite medic! He's consulting an anatomy test and prepping his tools for cuttin' and drillin'!

Oooh, look at that heavy weapon team! Yup, those are cannon wheels from the WHFB artillery kit.
These fine fellows are always ready for a scrap, I made sure that bayonets played a heavy influence in their design. I used the feathered cap heads to help denote different squads, it makes modelling sense and it makes battlefield sense!

They've also got some heavy duty backpacks. I intended the impression to be given of a group of hard-core campaigners.
The las-locks not only have bayonets, but the power packs from lasrifles smacked onto the bottom of there Handgunner pieces. Beauty ain't it?


  1. These are really cool! I wasn't sure what I was looking at for a while. Three boxes for a ten man squad. Minimum of two squads needed for a force...good lord!

  2. Ooh...I love that medic!

    (Or is it 'physician'?