Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hoarding: Where Everything is a Must-have

I've been known to collect a little too much. I have 4 concepts for armies currently in progress(Imperial Fists, Severites, a Death Korp army, and some stuff for WHFB). I have a whole short list of projects for other people; a chess set for my brother for x-mas, a double set of armies for a friend of mine in payment for work on my car, and some mock ups for a colleagues' FULL THRUST ships.

My concepts and ideas list pales to the amount of unfinished, half there projects. I have started(and nixed, or postponed), a WHFB Empire army, a Brettonian army, multiple super-heavy tanks...the list goes on.

My bits collection is probably bigger than anyone else' at my FLGS. I have kits and pieces from every army if both WHFB and 40k. This allows me to pull some wacky-ass ideas from out of my proverbial hat. I have plans to convert a carnosaur into a counts-as sentinel for my home brew IG regiment, the Severites.

Concepts, armies, bitz; I collect them all! It's almost debilitating. Because of my scatterbrained nature I have a hard time focusing on one project. Sort of like ADD for gaming. I start my Imperial Fists project only to get side-tracked by the idea of getting my DKoK started.

I know that many of my fellow gamer hobbyist are afflicted with this disorder. How do we transcend this difficulty and embark on a more successful carreer? Is their a way to avoid this hopping from one project to another? I've been building models for 3 years straight, and I don't have a single army to show for it. Isn't that kinda wierd? If you have a friend or pal in your local FLGS whom suffers this diffculty, please be kind :) We are only trying to figure out what we love best about gaming. As it turns out, we love everything about gaming. Folks like us love every army out there that has tremendous capacity for conversion, concept work, or just excels at collectabilty. I guess that's just the way things are. So the next time you see me, please don't ask me how my latest army is doing. You will only make me cry.


  1. Give yourself an external goal. For instance how about a 1500p playable imperial fists army. The follow that up with the goal of playing that army (getting to the external part now) and finally choose a tourney to enter so that you have a deadline. Bet that should clear things up for you:)

    oh, and little in the middle goals for me is usually that I get to post my work on my blog. Makes me happy when I get to do so and that pushes me on. Kind of stuck right now, with a new job and all, but I really should finish my army soon:)

  2. I only ever finished one army; that was before I had a job that offered regular hours and had a kid.

    I've got a unit here and a unit there for various other forces, but nothing playable in a game. Most of my stuff is still in boxes in the closet.

    It is extremely frustrating to have so many great ideas and games you'd like to play someday if you could just get an army put together all the way

  3. I call that Painters ADD
    And I have it big time.
    Right now I am Juggling
    Space Hulk Kill Teams for IF,DA,BL,U
    Sons of Horus
    1st Merican Lancers(IG)
    Blood Pact (IG)
    Eisenhorn & Retinue with Stormtroops
    Death Guard
    I leel your pain