Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rare Yellow-belly Razorback Sighted!

Ah, the crispness of autumn! Well, actually the crapness of autumn in Maine. But the turd tastic weather has allowed me to delve into my workload! Voila! Et un Razorback(I don't speak french, and the only french I know comes from World War II movies, so if that last thing makes no sense, not much I can do about it.)! Finished my first piece for my Imperial Fists army, a sweet little APC. I also got to go full circuit with Wil Davies instructions on how to paint yellow. His advice to utilize a yellow ink glaze over the coat of vomit brown makes this paintjob really warm and sensuous. Note the Forge World doors on the sides and the front plate with the IF iconography. Those naughty lads came in my FW order three weeks ago, and I had been itching to slap them onto this piece. They were also a bastard to fit on. Who would have thunk it? FW products not fitting right? Surely you jest. I ended up slowly filing them down to finally snap into the cavities on the sides of the 'back. Ditto with the forward armor plate. I even made sure I got my moneys worth out of this model by building both the Rhino and the Razorback kits. It was simply a matter of glueing the two pieces of hatch together for the plain old Rhino, glueing together the Razorback cannons together, and then glueing neither permanantly onto the 'back. Should my precious get deaded on the field of battle, I'll simply remove the hatch plate to represent mortification. What should I build next?


  1. That looks really good! So what are your choices for what comes next?

  2. looks great! Seems to me a command squad or squad should be next. You need some troops to put in that thing!

  3. assemble my AoBR dread for my dual autocannon arms, assemble my multi purpose dread, assemble a ironclad dread, or any number of tactical squads. Choose wisely!

  4. Hmmm, well the tac squads seem like the logical choice if you want to play some games, but Ironclad is oh so tempting...

  5. Very nice Rhino / Razorback.

    I vote dual Autocannon dread.

  6. Harreh, you will learn, when it comes to project pat, logic is not an issue!! Dual Autocannon Dread it is! this fat bastard is gonna rock!

  7. Very nice and smooth, almost orange. I look forward to seeing more of your army in the future! What are you going for as far as HQ is concerned?

  8. I swear by the Wil Davies technique,awesome stuff.
    I am definitely keeping an eye on your stuff.
    Good work

  9. I am taking Lysander of course, Flekk!

  10. Ooh, the big man. I'm going to run him with five assault terminators in a land raider, all Imperial Fist, all needing to be assembled and painted:)

    As a fellow IF I am curious what you will go for. I went with stuff I like and then I try to deck those units out as best as I can (can GW make and sell a sprue with SM weapons already, flamers and meltas are needed).

  11. let's see-
    x3 Tactical Squads, powerfist, flamer, lascannon, razorback with twin-link lascannons
    Dreadnought with x2 dual autocannons
    Dreadnought with lascannon and DCCW
    Ironclad Dreadnought
    x2 Devastator squads, one with 4 HB, one with 4 LC
    Predator tank, LC pattern