Sunday, October 4, 2009

Have Brush, Will Travel

I just finished a commissioned piece for my pal Nick; a Damocles Rhino. The kit is actually from FW, and it’s really just the satellite dish and a comms package on the right side of the Rhino. As you can tell from my blurry (sorry) pictures, they are done up in a Space Wolves color scheme. The yellow was actually a tasteful mix of Iyanden Darksun and Golden Yellow, it produced a warm yellow to contrast the drab shadow grey base. Speaking of the base color, I achieved the consistent base with my airbrush. I enjoyed doing this piece for my pal, and he was so pleased, he commissioned me to do a second piece for him; a Space Wolves Dreadnought!
This is my first time finishing a commission for pay(I charged Nick a $35 troop box, and I earned that box). It was kind of funny doing the Rhino. I felt freer than when I would have doing work on my own miniatures, it didn’t matter that the Rhino wasn’t super individualized or the chapter home-brewed. I just set my mind to it, and ground that bad boy out. I also felt a tremendous amount of pride in providing a service to my friend. I really tried to do my best work on his commission, and it touched me when I gave it to him that he placed it in his stores main glass case(he’s the LGS owner). I would say that the greatest compliment one player could pay to another is to ask him to enhance the look of his army and trust him to do just that. I’d also like to recognize a fellow rad painter/modeler in my area whom is doing the special characters for Nicks army; Zach Phillips. His exceptional efforts with the brush are pushing me to blow Nicks mind as best I can and bring my skills to a further threshold. They say great opposition makes for exceptional efforts, I certainly hope this applies to the work Zach and I put into our friends playing pieces!

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