Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rogue Trader Brings His Holds Stuffed With Forge World Tastiness!

Just a quick shot from the hip, I got my Forge World order in a weeks time!? Yup, my friends and I ordered enough goods for free express shipping and man, was that shipping express! For those not in the know, Forge World is a subsidiary of Games Workshop that does some of the most exquisite model work ever witnessed by man(check 'em out- ). As right on as their models are...well, their shipping procedures are precisely the opposite. Guys have waited months for tiny pieces, things are shipped incomplete or severely damaged due to the highly sensitive nature of the resin product FW uses to mold their models. But fate was kind today, and has delivered me my products in fine fashion...except for my posters...bastard UPS is holding them in...checks tracking number....Philadelphia?! What the hell?


  1. Rofl serves you right for following the banana team, should go for something in an icey grey colour...nah just kidding. I got my first Forgeworld stuff recently and for the amount paid I was less than impressed with the quality of the plastic. The actual moulding was fine but the largest sprue parts ever and the actual plastic quality wasn't brilliant - spaced armour that needs straightening to fit. Good luck and happy painting with your pieces.

  2. Enjoy the Forge World stuff. I look forward toseeing what you come up with.