Sunday, September 20, 2009

Laboring at the Whipping Post

Well, there's a bit of work I've done this afternoon on the first of the yella fellas. Of course some might be confused as the "yella" portion is more of a pale brown. s'truth, the actual base color is vomit brown. I've put some watered down scorched brown(50/50) in the crevices of all the armor, and it certainly has picked out all the details of the Fists. If anyone is curious about what my plan of attack is going to be with my paint scheme, I'm following the advice of an exceptional painter, Wil Davies. His website chaos bunny studios, has some select, yet exhaustive, tutorials on a few difficult subjects. In fact, Davies interpretation of the Fists inspired me to start my force of IF.
I digress, my painting today has ended a long drought that lasted just about the whole summer for me. I hope to spend more time at my LGS to really motivate myself to get back on the horse and roll these guys out and make them look good.


  1. Haha I saw wil's models too, and thought, yep, Imperial Fists are my next army. I haven't started them yet, so I'm really interested to see how the paint scheme turns out on your marines.

  2. I'll be done with the squad by next weekend, so watch for it Harreh!