Monday, September 7, 2009

Acceptance speech and the goals of my administration

Good afternoon! Welcome to my first posting on my very first blog! Exciting, isn't it? In this blog you will see a daredevil miniature painter take on some of the most hair-raising tasks an artist can! Doing an entire Imperial Fists army? Thrills and chills indeed! Green stuffing custom parts? I should think so! Oh my god, he's base coloring without a net!

In all seriousness, I as a hobbyist seem to gravitate towards projects that seem daunting and often times foolhardy in scope. I've never been one to go with convention, and nothing gets my blood pumping more than doing concept work while others scoff and weaker men cower! I began my deep obsession with warhammer by building a fluff intensive Iron Snakes army...ah, good times. My more recent projects have seen me kitbashing Imperial Gaurd with Warhammer Fantasy Empire kits. But I decided that I needed a new project. I delved back into my first army, and came up with a concept for an Imperial Fists army. These guys use ALOT of yellow. And yellow is a bastard to paint. Why?, ask the unitiated. 'cause yellow shows through friggin' EVERYTHING. Like a nice black basecoat? Be prepared to do quite a few coats of that lovely yellow. White basecoat? Enjoy doing all the shading you'll be required to do!

I digress, let's get this puppy started!

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