Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is Patrick Gonna Hafta Choke A Space Marine?

At last! Devastator squad reporting in! I FINALLY FINISHED THEM! Super happy with how they came out, and the base adds alot of depth and story to these guys. I used walnut scree on top of super glue and flattened the pieces as much as I could to create a textured look, spread some matte varnish on top of that and dunked the base into sand. I let that dry and added some albino moss on a few bases, and added a final coat of matte varnish to seal all of it in! Much love to Wil Davies at Chaos Bunny Studios for the exceptional yellow paint tutorial, they wouldn't look half this good without it!

That means there are only 2 more items left on my To-Do list. I can't even articulate appropriately how happy these guys are done. Sometimes, you can get intimidated by a project. I was so scared to even base these guys I allowed my fear to stop me from working on them by saying "Oh, I can't base them yet, I don't have the materials!" etc., etc.. This weekend was great for jumping in and wading through this morass of work. Writers say the best way to break through a bad case of writers block is just to write. Write anything. Well, I would officially call my dry spell over. Bring those Dreadnoughts on. I will make them my bitches.


  1. You might find it easier to paint the base before attaching the marine or prime and paint the same time as you do the marine.
    Makes it easier and neater.
    Also buy a can of Testors dullcote to kill the shine the yellow ink wash leaves.
    Your army looks great and I am sure I will be using an Idea or two for my own Imperial Fists.

  2. Another Imperial Fist player, good work man :)