Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dark Angels Players Are Laughing At Us

This right here is the "contents" of the Ravenwing Battleforce Box (retail 90$ US). The 6 bikes even out the price, individually selling for 45$ per 3 biker box. Then you get a landspeeder, 35$, and an attack bike, 25$! That alone would make this kit a valuable resource for folks making a Ravenwing force, White Scars, or a counts-as Korsarro Khan flanker force. The real killer is the large 10"x 8" sprue FULL of Dark Angels army upgrades! 3 OF THEM! They've got x2 big assault cannons, multiple swordarms(hello conversions), and some very different looking heads, in amongst the DA only pieces(hooded angel icons, winged swords and etc.).

My point being is that you can never be certain where you might find value when you deal with Citadel. The battleforces have always been hit and miss in particular. The lovely IG battalion used to come with a Leman it comes with the underwhelming sentinel. The 'Nids got a bit screwed for their value with their new launch cutting the number and quality in their Battalion box. And the inclusion of certain units can be baffling; why must we always have scouts pushed on us in every Battalion box of Space Marines? My best suggestion for anyone just starting out with Space Marines(or Orks)----> Assault on BlackReach.

I love AoBR. LOVE IT. The models are excellent, there are tons of them, and the rules book, the green templates, and the subtley violence-promoting "whippy-sticks"(we have all hit each other with them. few have not tasted the Wrath of the Whippy-stick) make for an awesome set. This is a product that demands it's purchasing by all. Even if you play as neither Orks or Space Marines, you can keep the books and the tools and then trade or sell the models! I gave my pal the orks from my box 'cause I owed him a favor.

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  1. hay pat, love the picts and would like to have you give me some tips and if you can stop by and give me a (class ) on painting my dark angels army (its quite big ) my phone #is 943-5213 and i am available after 4pm most days. see you around the store sometime.