Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hitting the wall

Well I've run into an obstacle while composing my Fists; I've gotten frustrated and tired. So tired that I have delayed and delayed my friends request to paint his Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnought. Even claiming victory in Marchs' Painting Competition yesterday hasn't kicked my butt into gear. I've gotten this way every once in a while. How does everyone else deal with this slump? I think that after I finish the dreadnought I might take a 2 week break.

It's a hazard that faces people whom choose to specialize in painting a certain restricted paint scheme, you get bored!

I'm excited to see the Blood Angels Codex at my FLGS. The big draw for me was the new minis for the Angels, particularly the Sanguinor and Lemartes reboot.

I have always felt the old lemartes model looked goofy as hell. The redesign is far more subtle, and frankly, beautiful!

Sanguinor? Thank you, Games Workshop. Thank You.


  1. I like to put some minis together when I am in a slump. Gives me something else to do and then I have all these cool minis that I can paint. Helps:)

    Another thing that helps me is trying new little things. Like I tried putting a dark red with a badab black wash on it on my melta. Not all of it, just part of it, and it turned out awesome. It's on my blog.

    Another way to motivate myself is to come up with new variations to color schemes. For instance for my upcoming terminators. I want to incorperate both white (1st company/veterans) and red (secondary color for IFs). Usually painting the "big coat" of yellow is the less fun part. The more fun part is the details that make the model pop.

    So don't paint too many miniatures at a time. The end is the fun:)

    Tell yourself that you can post when you are done. Helps me:)

    Paint something completely different. Breaking patterns can be both fun and motivating.

    Oh, and reading other people's painting blogs can also motivate:)

  2. Want to paint my Jesus-- I mean Saguinor when it comes in?

    Congrats on winning the closest painting contest we've ever had at the shop. 1 point win is still a win!

  3. I play a diff game. PC, Console, Board, touching, you name it.

  4. Happens to us all, Take a holiday with a Chaplain or a Librarian, just somthing with a different colour which will stil contribute to building the army

  5. @flekkzo- I might just do that, building has always relaxed me more than the challenge of painting
    @robby- let me finish up the dread first! and yeah, that contest was so close it was Glenn Close
    @JRV- lol, I actually just picked up a new pokemon game(don't judge me)
    @commissar- that's actually a pretty simple and logical step!

    Thanks guys!