Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/2 an IF squad, LR from the depths of space

Well, I accepted a commission from my pals at the flgs. The above pictured land raider, pattern terminus(see; titan gut-puncher and carnifex smiter) was apparently buried a year ago under detritus and old issues of Maxim in the back room. It was unearthed and presented to me as a painting/modelling challenge. I don't know who built this blocky turd, but they must have forgotten that this is a $50+ model. The lascannons are all split, the antennae on the top portion have been broken off....and to top it all off, whoever based it black poured a bucket of dust on it right after.

Portions of this are totally missing, like a piece right in the front near the forward lascannon emplacement. First order of business is gonna be a therapeutic Simple Green bath, just to get all that craptastic spray paint off. I'll be doing a WIP this week following my progress day-by-day, so keep an eye out to see where this bad boy goes.+-+

Well, well, well. We meet again my Imperial Fists. These are some of my finished IF, lots of applause for GW, as these guys originate from an AoBR tactical squad! I really liked painting these fellas, I even modified the left arm of the sergeant into a powerfist.

Yup. I chopped his poor arm off at the elbow and transplanted a Powerfist onto the stump. It's healing well, and he appreciates all your "Get Well" cards and phone calls of concern. He insisted that I add some extra rivets on his fist to denote all the mighty foes he's stomped out in the name of the Emperor. I drilled small holes for tiny plastic beads taken from a brita water filter, dipped the beads in super glue, and placed them flush into their corresponding holes. The overall effect is very cool. This is just one of the few things I'm going to work on in making my Fists really customized. 'Til next time, I love yellow paint!