Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Modelling Commandments

Another wednesday, another humorous rendition of tips to enhance your conduct and attitude in regard to modelling(and gaming), follow or burn in hell!

This week...

Thou shalt not play to the failings of d-bags!*lightning*

We've all got them at our flgs, the guy whom thinks his unbeatable list makes him an amazing strategist, that one kid that can't stop smack talking about certain armies, or the straight-up bully that pushes around the weaker minded and timid young players.

These are all examples of the phenomena known as the d-bag. An individual who by virtue of their own insecurity uses transferral to take the focus off of his failings and place them on those unwilling or unable to dispute their veracity. He mocks others abilities to win games because he himself lacks any perceptible skill. His opponents are not skilled, they can only achieve victory by luck.

It's our responsiblity as veteran members of the gaming and hobby community to stop this kind of bullying and posturing from polluting our environments. I am not, of course, advocating vigilantism in any form, as much as you may want to curb stomp a deserving d-bag. Nor am I saying that you should get into a shouting match with the same person. The best manner to combat these members of our community are to simply prove them wrong. Quietly stand up for that little kid that is being browbeaten by a rules-bending d-bag, referee the match if you want, but do it politely. Is he insisting his list of spammy-cheese is the height of western military strategy? Remind him 1) his unimaginitive list neither enhances the game nor allows him to progress in ability as a player by challenging his skill and 2) he's playing a damn game with tiny plastic men entirely based on chance and the roll of a six-sided dice, get over yourself, d-bag.

Sorry if this might sound "angry", just read it with a little sarcasm. I seriously dislike d-bags, they make me crazy.


  1. That is my main problem with the tournaments at our LGS, they're all about being the biggest d-bag you can.

  2. D-bags are also the reason for that silly notion of sportsmanship scores in tournies.

    If possible, never play a D-bag. Don't enable them. Offer to play the opponents that the D-bag plays and show them how fun the game can be, and give them advice.

    (If the D-bag tries to better himself, be good about it btw. )

  3. Its not that there are so many d-bags at our place so much as when they put money and prizes on the line, the d-bag in most of the people comes out. winning the prize becomes more important than enjoying some games to them.

  4. Thank you funny symbol name guy, you said it best!

    I have no objections to people going to a 'Ard Boyz tournie and bringing faggotry for a list, everyone does it. It's when that level of bastardry stretches into casual play and the poor sportsmanship and "O my gawd, I have l33t sk1lls!!!1" get's mixed in.

    reformed d-bagettry should be complimented and recognized because that nonsense must be harder to change than the color of your skin.