Monday, August 16, 2010

Predator VS. Land Raider, fight to the death!!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of being sequestered in Gouldsboro Maine, on vacation. Well, just a lovely weekend and a pair of tanks stood between me and perfection.
This is a shield I took off a SM command sprue arm. I couldn't find an adequate stand alone shield so I had to improvise. I'm really pleased with the results.

A couple of decals off the baneblade sheet made for some really interesting kill markings.

This is the finished product commission LR for my pal Nick.


  1. Looking great, as usual. I like the addition of the shield, and the kill markings.
    That's one grey Land Raider, done exceptionally. Very smooth finish, is that done by airbrush or great brush work? The yellow is a nice contrast; I need to keep that in mind.

  2. nope, free-hand. the yellow is sunburst yellow/iyanden darksun 50/50.