Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pose like a team, sh*t just got REAL

It's been a year since I started I Love Yellow Paint, and the hits just keep on comin'! My third and final Tactical squad is completed. I had alot of varied poses going on in my squad, both for fun and to break up the monotony.
Here's the backside of the sergeant.

I gave him a head from a Cadian Gaurdsmen, talk about a promotion! The Cadian sprues have lots of gritty faces for anyone looking for alternatives to the usual stuff packed in the Space Marine Kits.

I took a kneeling marine from the sprue and instead of giving him a missile launcher, I have him surveying the terrain ready to pop off some shots at heretics and the like.

Here's a beaky that's lost an arm in the service to the Emperor but still fights on with an augmetic replacement! How better to continue to fight on than with the faithful bolter in one hand and a chainsword in the other? I painted "REX" on one side of the sword and on the other unseen side "IMPERIUS".
Next in my sites are the final Devastator squad, and not long after, Big-Daddy Pain himself, Darnath Lysander!


  1. Those are some nice looking marines. Good use of the legs as well. This is one of the better Imperial Fists armies I've seen.

    Cool idea with using the other heads as well. You can always add some service studs for instant space marine sergeant looks. :)

  2. Thanks flekkzo! The feet are a bitch to attach because of the uneven surface the bases create(a mix of flat walnut scrap and sand affixed with sealant). I'm going to be prepping the devastator team today before I go to work, so maybe a few WIP shots tomorrow? we'll see.

  3. When do I get to blow these guys up? I think you should bring in some guys for a small point game sometime... we have a 1000pt tourney scheduled for 10/3. I want to see some of these fools there.

  4. I demand more updates!