Saturday, March 5, 2011

DUST TACTICS core set review

Today I am changing gears. For a year and a half I have been extolling the virtues of yellow paint and it's application to tiny men in the service to the Holy Emperor of Mankind. Well, in my search for a suitable game to play with the kids where I work(I am a correctional officer at a juvenile facility), I stumbled over some interesting images of mech/tanks at Fantasy Flight Games, purveyors of some of the finest board games ever made. The pictures intrigued me and I looked further for clarification. I was met by some beautiful and stylish miniatures(35mm, non heroic scale). I had to have it.
I would give the core set that I purchased from FFG an 8/10. The box was well packed and designed to accept the rigors of shipping, no shifting here! The rules are concise and uncomplicated without being boring. The Infantry models were the only low point in the box. The pieces themselves were very well made, but lots of the weapons were bent. For some strange reason all the infantry pivot at the waist. Must be a European thing. The vehicles, of which you get four, are beautifully made, lots of detail and they don't simply look like tanks thrown on mechanized legs. I wish they had come unassembled however, as they had quite a bit of flash and I really enjoy putting together my own minis :) On a side note, the box also came with a DUST comic book. Yuck. It was terri-bad. Obviously translated from a foreign language. At one point it illustrates a squad of Allied Rangers being ambushed by a tank, the tank turns on its flood lights and one of the squad screams "I AM BLIND!" before being gunned down. I almost laughed out loud reading it. So in conclusion; DUST TACTICS, buy it for the rad minis, not for the atrocious comic. ILYP OUT!!

pretty friggin' nasty huh? TAKE THAT SENTINELS!!


  1. I found this game a month or two ago
    The game is actually 1/48
    The company also makes 1/35 but the board game is 1/48
    Even though the gascan and 50 cal are 1/35
    If you are crazy like me you'll make your own rules so you have an excuse to buy ww2. 1/48 tanks and figures from tamiya
    Or even scratchbuild Kilroy the 30 robot ala iron giant

  2. Hey will! I read your how-to on the FFG boards on bringing together an allied walker, nice stuff. Thx for checking out my blog!

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