Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Imperial Fist Terminator

Thar she blows! I have finished my first terminator for the Fistwing army. I'm going to go with "Fistwing" until something better comes along. :)

You can see I have given this fella the converted TH/SS I had been working on, and they came out beautifully. I also went with a different paint scheme for this IF. I have switched from a vomit brown/flesh wash ink/yellow ink to Iyanden Darksun to Bad Moon Yellow with wash of Devlan Mud. Sometimes you need to explore where the whim will take you. That and I'm running out of Yellow Ink.
I was really pleased with my restraint on not making the shadowy areas any darker, subtlety can be it's own reward, huh?

I am also proud to say I have finally figured out how to get really good writing on my figs, I dropped the Micron ink pen and took a medium stiff bristle brush witha super fine point and some Chaos Black and did some understated squiggly lines on the purity seals, and on certain points on the armor. In the shot above you can see a better detail of the scratchbuilt storm shield from my last post. Bad-ass.

I got to use micro-sol/micro-set for the first time. I had to practice with it for a few times before actual use on the mini, familiarization is very important when your using a tool or technique for the first time. Save yourself the grief and tears and PRACTICE. I like the IF symbol, and with the MS/MS, the decal look beautiful. It literally has that "painted-on look".

This is a close up of the base. Not only did I change up paint techniques, but I also tried some completely different things with the bases. No more desert bases, I took a ball of GS and flattened it out onto the termie base, took a modelling tool coated in a lubricant and did a slate/flagstone design on it. It serves to not only expand my skill, but also gives the termies some extra height because of the GS platform they stand on. See ya next time!


  1. I propose the name Darnathwing instead :) Doesn't it have a far better ring to it? Besides, Lysander is suppose to be this super guy with SS/TH terminators. Something I consider to be a flaw in the rules. Bolter drill? Give us 1D6 scatter when deepstriking and rerolls for all close combat attacks for terminators. And make them scoring…

    Your mini looks insanely awesome painted. I am really impressed! Great colors, the guy looks the part. Would make any Darnathwing proud!

  2. I will totally take credit for getting you to try micro sol/set, too! Looking great as always. We'll have to throw down with our respective "wings" when we get them done, sir.

  3. ImerialJustice,

    Do you have the technique that you use for you yellow paint on your blog? I'm trying to get that color on my marines.