Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thunderhammer Conversion Work

I finished my deciding on what my next project will be! Loganwing army dressed as Imperial Fists! I picked up a package of CCW Termies and began the process of making things difficult for myself. I didn't feel the typical termies had enough character, likea blank canvas. They have lots of conversion bits for Wolf Gaurd, and the Deathwing, so how could I bring the "oomph" to these guys? Observe the picture above. Plain old thunderhammer, right? Yup.

These guys right here are a pair of spear points from Empire Knights and an Aquila from the IG vehicle options sprue. These are the beginnings of a more characterful weapon.

I removed the rear portion of the hammer, and the eagle head from the bottom of the haft.

The eagle was removed from the end of the haft.

I attached both spear points to the opposing ends of the hammer, they give it a really baroque, straight from the Heresy look. I cut the aquilla in half, folded it over and glued the two halves together for a double sided aquilla sticking off the back! Pretty happy!
Wait 'til you see the shield I'm scratch-building for this beast!

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