Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blood Spilt At Painting Competition!

Well it isn't exactly what could be considered a blood bath, but that's what happens when you play hard in a speed painting competition! For 8 hours the best painters in Bangor Maine gathered at 3 Geek Gaming to crank out some big bugs; Carnifex speed painting!
This is a pic of Becker, this is the fella that pulled first with his beautifully painted carnifex(below). Yes, he paints that way. No, I don't know why.

The hairy beef hands belong to my pal James, doing his best to contain the rage of a carnifex in full-on "crush your face" mode.

And since it's my blog :) this is my entry. I went for a Hive Fleet Leviathan scheme, and I placed 2nd out of ten competitors. I want to thank all the guys that provided such excellent and gentlemanly competition, I love these contests! And most of all I want to thank 3 Geek Games for hosting what is always a stupendous event, month after month!

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  1. I was one of the judges today. I couldn't decide between the two pictured on here, so I didn't! I gave them equal scores. This event seemed to go over very nicely with everyone and I am glad everyone had so much fun today. Congrats on a solid #2 finish!