Sunday, February 7, 2010

The circle is complete...

Well, there it is. I now have all of my materials for my Imperial Fists army! Now all it needs is adhesive, paint, and time....precious time.

Today I got all my tactical squads chopped and shopped, that's twenty SM's in total, the remainder I have to paint for the force. I got a few dynamic poses in there, as I hate the standard SM hugging a bolter to his chest. Dammit! Extend that bad boy and shove it down a xenos/traitors throat! True Grit, man! True Grit!

I broke from my usual policy of "no assembly prior to painting" too. I put the torso on the legs of all my fellas, kinda emulating how the AoBR SM are built. I managed it well when painting the AoBR set and now I'm giving it a try with my troop box marines.

'til later, I love yellow paint!


  1. Does that mean you'll actually get a game in sometime before 2011?

  2. you're gonna be so sad when these bad larrys bust up your teeth.

  3. my sadness will be offset by the shock of seeing Patrick with an army on the table.

    Side note: That package you dropped off at the shop was pretty interesting.