Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's worse; personal opinions or unasked for advice?

I wanted to post on my blog....well because I hadn't been here in a while! I'm going to give a few little tips and tricks, advice really, that I have accrued since I started playing and painting. Let's hop right in!

Thin your paints!!!!!- Well this is a litany you might hear every accomplished painter yell in the face of oblivious/inexperienced hobbyists around the FLGS. But what does it mean to you and your miniatures? Well, the lovely people at Citadel make their paints very thick(foundation paints even moreso). Just straight applying those pigments to a model creates that unpleasant blotchy effect on your basecoat. By creating a 50/50 mix of water and paint you get a much more workable solution that will apply better to a model. It also extend the benchlife of paints on a palette, especially under a hot work light. Paint pots also benefit from a little bit of H2O added to them while being stored.

Make your own space!!!!- Someone once said that a man's home is his castle. If such were true, then my hobbybench is my sanctum; comfortable, safe, and free from distraction. And raiders. Definitely safe from raiders. It's important that you have a centralized location for your endeavours. Having all your tools and paint and minis strewn about your house is not only inconvenient, hobby knives hurt when you step on them! Lot's of us have these people that live with us, no not roommates. They are females, females whose happiness and not-bleeding-from-sitting-on-a-minisaw status is important to us and our collective sex-lives. Offspring must be thought of as well. God forbid one of them takes a sip from one of the multitude of bottles full of harmful chemicals we utilize in our hobby. Nobody wants to make that 911 call. Especially if it's because we had to kill a child because they had to play with, and break, an expensive model.

Seriously, a dedicated area for your endeavours makes it safer for you're family, and safer for your projects. For those who don't have much money or maybe don't know where to start with something like walling off your own workspace, I'll be posting a how-to on my blog on building your own desk and how to stock it with essential stuff!

Well guys, it's 10pm sunday night, and I have to wake up a t 3:30am, so I will check in later this week with some more how-to's and unsolicited advice! 'til then, I Love Yellow Paint!

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  1. Or you could go to your favorite FLGS and paint. Especially on Mondays since it happens to be paint night.
    I'm lucky that my female live-in person also likes to paint and hobby, so its an activity I can do alone and with someone I enjoy spending time with.